Childrenswear Fabric and Textile Testing

In Australia, Qualspec is widely known as a market leader in rigorous testing of fabric and apparel for childrenswear.

We undertake thorough compliance and performance testing to ensure products meet stringent safety standards, thus satisfying regulatory standards and creating consumer confidence.

Our client base includes most well-known high volume retail and specialty designer childrenswear brands in Australia and NZ.

Childrenswear Testing Regulations

All children’s clothing sold in Australia and NZ must be tested to comply with specific regulatory standards which are then reflected in strict labelling criteria:

Underwear and outerwear - should follow Australian and NZ size coding.
Textiles – Care labelling - All clothing must be supplied with relevant care labelling instructions and include clear phrases and symbols.
Children’s nightwear and limited daywear require flammability testing - A successful test result must then be indicated by a low fire danger label and symbol.

Our Quality Testing Procedure

Our most important quality testing procedures for childrenswear include testing for:

Azo dyes - Ensuring that carcinogenic azo dyes are not present in the garment.
Formaldehyde - Making certain that the fibres in children’s clothing do not contain formaldehyde, which can result in allergies and skin sensitivities.
Phthalates - Which can contain carcinogenic substances if children suck plastisol.
Flammability - Making sure children’s clothing is rigorously tested for flammability and presents a low fire danger level.
Small parts - Ensuring the garment is well-designed with no small parts on trims or accessories that can be ingested by young children.
Sharp points and sharp edges - Making sure the garment’s edges are soft and safe for children to wear and handle.

Other important soft-line testing to create high quality childrens product includes;

Testing for dimensional stability - Ensuring garments maintain their essential or original dimensions to ensure they are fit for their intended purpose after washing.
Testing for twisting and shrinkage - Ensuring that knitted garments and fabrics made of twill fabrics have minimal twisting and shrinkage after washing.
Testing for colourfastness - Resistance to colour fading and running.

Qualspec is a highly respected, comprehensively accredited Australian childrenswear testing provider.

With certifications in CNAS, CMA, ISO and CPSC, we have a much valued reputation for accurate test results against the most updated test methods. If you’re interested in working with us to ensure your childrenswear meets high quality testing standards, contact us today.