Quality Auditing

Qualspec is globally accredited meeting ISO 9001 standards to conduct Factory Assessment Audits and Ethical Social Compliance Audits. Qualspec is also a significant provider of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA).

Do you conduct or are you considering conducting your business’ production offshore?

More than ever, consumers are interested in the story of where their garments come from and how they are made. They want to buy from businesses that engage in ethical sourcing and production.


Our technicians assess the manufacturer's compliance with your code of conduct, local labour laws and internal social standards. Based of findings during the audit, we will provide a corrective and preventive action plan for the manufacturer to improve where needed.


We provide both factory and garment technical audits to ensure that you are working with the right suppliers. Based on your needs and focus, our audits help you identify risk from the earliest stage.


We evaluate the environmental and chemical risks of your entire supply chain. After the audit, we help you find the solutions to enhance your suppliers' performance.

Why choose Qualspec?

Our quality auditing and inspecting services are globally accredited
Our multicultural management team understands both the local environment and the requirements of our global customers
We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to corruption
Our focus is to manage risk associated with your local and offshore production and to protect your brand, garment quality and reputation with expert quality auditing services.

If you are a business looking for social, technical or environmental auditing services, please contact us today.

Our highly qualified auditing teams are conveniently located across Asia, Euromed, Africa, Indian Ocean, Americas.